Tui - Brewing Legends Since 1889

Tui history is a little speckled, partly because record keeping wasn’t up to scratch in those days and partly because Henry Wagstaff was much more passionate about brewing beer than writing about brewing beer.

Genuine Extra Stout CoasterThe Tui Brewery has been around in one form or another since Henry Wagstaff discovered how good the water tasted in the Mangatainoka River in 1889 and decided to build a brewery. The most recognisable part, the Tui Tower, has only been around since 1932.

Commissioned by a fancy Art Deco artist (because we like to be on the cutting edge) the Tui Tower was a marvel… such a marvel in fact that no one bothered to look inside until it was finished and the architect was on the boat back to France with his large sack of cash. Only then did we notice it had no stairs inside, rendering the upper levels useless.

Mildly embarrassed to show off our staircaseless tower, we built the Tui HQ to distract and entertain the punters who came knocking.

Fast forward to today, and Tui Brewery is now a state of the art brew house that is sits pretty in front of a fancy garden bar where punters can enjoy a refreshing beverage under the iconic Tui Tower.

Want to know more about our history... you’ll have to come see us to learn the whole tale! Maybe it's time to make the pilgrimage?

The best way to learn our iconic story is to stop by for a brewery tour and a visit to our 'Histui' museum. Tours run daily at 11.30am. 

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